Property Mantra

The old mantra of location, location, location no longer is as valid as it used to be.

Shanker said if you’re thinking about buying an investment real estate, many other things now play a big role in the price of property instead of just location.

“Many other little factors should be taken into consideration before arriving at a purchase price of a property. These include the look and feel, design, branding, facilities available, and the brand name of the developer. You should look at all these things as a whole and not just location,” he told NST Property.

When asked if an overhang property is a good buy, he said that it is okay to invest in an overhang property provided the price is right.

Shanker said that landed properties remain a good investment.

Landed properties have always been very steady and saleable items in Malaysia and he doubts that prices will come down.

“Even if it does, it will be very little. If you are planning to buy landed property, make sure the price is right. You should look at buying one now if you have the financial means to do so. If at all there may be a slight price correction, it is going to be very small,” he said.

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