How Many Countries Bigg Boss Worldwide Reality TV Show

Big Brother franchise has aired in over 63 franchise countries and regions worldwide. 

Bigg Boss

This includes various adaptations of the original Dutch concept, often Referred to as "Big Brother" or "Gran Hermano" in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Bigg Boss

The Reality TV Show's global popularity has led to numerous international versions 

Bigg Boss - Big Brother 

The original version that premiered in 1999 and sparked the worldwide phenomenon. 

Big Brother -Netherlands 

One of the most popular adaptations, which has aired since 2000. 

Big Brother - United States

A popular adaptation with a strong following, running since 2001 

Big Brother - Australia 

A highly successful adaptation with a dedicated fan base, running since 2002. 

Big Brother Brazil 

The Indian adaptation that has gained immense popularity, running since 2006. 

Bigg Boss India 

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